Is there a Manufacting Defect?

At somepoint is life we have all wondered “Why am I like this?” or “Why is he so cool!” . Well there is no definate answers to these things it all depends on one’s frame of mind and things surrounding at that moment.

I will divide this Article into four phases of my life. BTW I am still 27 but feels like lot has happened over the years, I am sure you guys feel the same too. Over the next couple of days I will share my experince on each Phase which I feel most of you can relate to and I would love to hear from you all how it could have been better or how did you handle the situation.

First Phase            : Nerdy from Outside – Low Self Confidence
Second Phase       : College Life – Freedom – Dark Alley – Love – Hatred
Third Phase          : Job – Struggles – Finances – Broken Relationships
Final Phase           : Lost – Faliure – Motivation – Back to Business

I am sure many of you will relate to my life because I belive all of us go through a lot of shit in our lives and we all handle it poorly most times and then we think back how we could have done it differently. I can’t express how many times I hated my Folks and how many times I felt like they have done so much for me and all that I have done is to disappoint them. So many friends that we have lost due to jealousy, love, anger ,ego ! Lost relationsips and fear of commitment.

In todays world we visit Facebook, Instagram more times that we visit our loved ones. So many of us get upset when we see our friends travelling abroad, Clubbing, buying expensive clothes, owning fancy cars and bikes and all that we do sometimes is dream ‘What if I could afford all this!” or “How different would life be if I had a lot of money” and suddenly reality strikes with a text message that your wi-fi and phone bill is overdue or Bank calls saying Credit card payment is not done.

In the beginning I thought maybe there is some problem with me, some kind of a manufacturing defect. Now my views on these things are sligtly different.

Please share your views with me on how you felt about this article and dont forget to read my next Article on the First Phase.


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