How we fail to realize Success

There is a saying ‘Success does not lie in results but in efforts” or “Failures are stepping stones to success” this is so good to hear but does it make sense in practical life. It sounds like a great advice but can we really implement it when it comes to our struggles in life?

Life as we know is it is never fair. It likes to throw challenges at us and we have many moments of failure and many moments of success, however the weight of failures is far heavier to handle than our moments of success. It is hard to bear and most of us lose patience along the way. It would be wrong for me to say that it hasn’t happened with me or I have not been on the losing end and eventually given up after multiple tries. However now I realize how wrong I was in doing that because in all those instances that I have failed I have had many moments of success which I failed to understand.

My Myth about Success: Like most people I had measured success with money, owning a big house, fancy cars etc. most of the do the same right? Why do we all work hard? So that we can have a fancy life, own expensive stuff, travel to exotic places. Right?? But often we lose many things chasing these dreams. We work so hard that we do not enjoy the present with family and friends. We waste our youth and then probably when we earn enough money we do not have the time or energy to spend it and to add to our worries our body starts developing ailments and then we think “Thank God I can afford the best doctors and hospitals”

My realization about success: Success for me now is a state of mind. If you are content in your mind that’s success. That doesn’t mean that we stop working hard or live with no ambition in life. It means that having the perfect work life balance and also giving enough time to family and friends. Travels need not be to exotic locations so that we can upload pictures on social networks, travel needs to be to create beautiful memories, and to refresh our body and mind. At this stage in life we really do not give much regard to our health or the small wins and I don’t blame you for it, we all want money and glamour in life.

So what really is Failure?

  • Failure is the time lost when we were chasing success
  • Failure is the time that we did not give to our family and friends
  • Failure is when we missed the first steps of our baby
  • Failure is the time we were not there to support our old parents
  • Failure is all the birthdays and anniversaries we missed
  • Failure is all those times that we did not know what sucess really is

What is Success??

  • Success is My First bike ride
  • Success is every time I made my customer happy when i served them
  • Success is Every time I called my parents to check if they were okay
  • Success is watching my baby grow
  • Success is loving your partner
  • Success is you

While goals and Ambitions are important in life make sure that when you do barter with life you are not losing more that what you gaining. Wishing all my readers the success that you deserve. Like Helen Keller said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”







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