Luck, Situation, Decision

When the odds are not in our favour we always incriminate it on time, situation, circumventions and most times on others. We do not realize at that instant why things are going south. Years or months later when we actually think about it we realize it was our own mistake all along. We could have done things differently and transmuted the course of action, but we don’t do it because its easier said than done.

Recently when I was playing poker with some friends I ran into some bad beats. Albeit I had great chances of winning the pot, the river card favoured the opponent who was less skilled poker player than I was and I ended up losing money and my cool and from that point on It was all going bad for me because of the the tilt that I was on. By the end of the night I blamed my luck, my opponent and the deck for whatever went wrong that evening.

I coudn’t sleep that night, I had lost money and I was unable to digest the fact that I lost to a player who was less experinced than I was. The next morning was no different. Only later during the day I realized that it was all my fault. I made a bad read, I was not ready to let go of my hand when I knew its probably not good to win against my opponent, and I had lost my cool and took bad decisions.

Thus i learnt a valuable lesson of my life yet again. Life is never fair, agreed but why point fingers do the blame game every time. Breathe, take a break, think and keep emotions aside. I am sure the outcome is different. I tried the same when I lost some hand to the same opponent yesterday mid game, by the end of the night the outcome was different and guess who had a sleepless night đŸ˜‰


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